Amidst the flood of polarizing hot topics these days that are draining us all, there is one place I’ve visited recently where it seems to cease. And instead, there’s a flood of agreement, positivity, determination, and—dare I say—love in the air.

Your work team needs this kind of cohesion and energy right now. Let’s learn from this example and take the challenge to give our teams a boost of energy and unity this week.


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Video transcript:

Well, in an increasingly polarized country where there is so much disagreement going on, there is one place where I am experiencing really amazing harmony. Can you guess where it is? It is at the Boise state football stadium.

We have season tickets; we have for a number of years. We’re big fans and no matter the tension that we experience in our communities today, when we show up to that stadium and we sit next to strangers—people we don’t know—suddenly we’re all best friends. We are high fiving after first downs and touchdowns; goodness, if it weren’t for COVID, we’d probably be hugging.

We are all rallied around this team, all in it, wanting the same thing. And it just brings this amazing cohesion and unity. How fun?!

Don’t we want that within our work teams as well—this sense of unity, this excitement to all be in it together, fighting for the same thing.

It’s challenging in our current environment to feel that sense of excitement as a team, truly it is. But I just don’t want us to underestimate the power of a shared team identity—all fighting toward something together and the new energy and progress and performance that that can bring.

And so I have an assignment for you this week. If you are a leader, or if you are a team member, not in a leadership role, either way you can do this. I want you to pick one shared goal that your team can drive toward this week. Make it something small, right? Not, anything huge, but one shared goal—either a challenge you’re all working toward resolving together or a shared outcome that you’re all marching toward accomplishing. Okay. So one shared team goal. And then I want you to set a shared outcome—you either all win together or you lose together. What is something that—if we reach this goal or resolve the challenge—we all get to celebrate in it together? Set the stakes a little bit high and then share it with your team; or better yet, establish this goal and the shared outcome together as a team.

See what happens for energy on your team this week. See how the motivation changes, see how we may link arms and rally together to drive toward this shared goal together.

May you experience within your workplace what I experience at the Boise state stadium during football games.