capable leaders

The most influential factor in employee performance is the employee-supervisor relationship.

But great management does not come naturally to all.


of managers wish they received more training



of employees quit their boss, not their job


of new managers fail within the first two year


Give your managers the coaching and training they need to lead with competence and confidence.

leadership programs


Grow leaders at all levels through personalized, one-on-one coaching. While training is ideal for teaching essential tools and concepts to a collective group, coaching is ideal for individualized leadership development. Gain clarity, overcome roadblocks, and receive the personalized support you need to grow in your leadership.


Standard: Individualized development, focused on your goals and challenges. Frequency and length are customized to client needs, but most commonly include bi-weekly, one-hour sessions for three months.

360+: Begin with a 360 review and use the feedback to set development goals. After sharing these goals with your 360 contributors, you’ll partner closely with your coach to grow in focus areas. This approach significantly increases self awareness, prioritizes key opportunities, inspires colleagues to become supporters of your development, and fosters open dialogue and productive feedback practices on your team.

Team coaching: Combine 1:1 and group coaching sessions to accelerate individual and team growth. See team development page for more details.

*Included in all programs: Complimentary introductory call, access to coach in between sessions, check-in meetings with coachee’s manager, and facilitated debrief sessions.


1. Increased awareness of leadership strengths and growth opportunities

2. Clear priority development goals

3. New strategies learned and applied

3. Enhanced overall leadership effectiveness

4. Understanding of ways to sustain ongoing post-coaching development 


Equip your leaders with the skills and tools they need to succeed. Most managers don’t get enough support—in fact, 87% state they wish they received more training. Great leadership isn’t always intuitive; it’s learned and developed. Through formal training, your managers will gain the essential tools and knowledge needed to lead well.


The Management Essentials: A two-month program with a series of livestream training sessions, plus group coaching. Participants learn the essential tools, best practices, and concepts they need to lead well. Learn more on the program website.

Off-the-shelf training: Select from expertly designed, reliable options that have been tested and proved. Sample topics include: giving feedback, leading through change, emotional intelligence, creating a high-performing work environment, how to coach, DISC behavioral styles, and more. Training will be tailored to your organization’s needs and culture.    

Custom leadership development programs: Using input from key stakeholders and participants, collaboratively design a program that meets your organization’s leadership development needs. Programs typically include a blend of training, plus individual or group coaching in between sessions to reinforce learning and application.

*Design and delivery is absolutely critical. Expect every training session to include an engaging blend of experiential learning, lecture, coaching, discussion, reflection, and goal setting. 


1. Awareness of foundational leadership practices and frameworks

2. Access to a range of practical tools for effectively leading individuals, teams, and self

3. Awareness of current performance and growth opportunities through self-evaluation

4. Supportive peer network for discussion, questions, and collaboration

5. Enhanced overall leadership effectiveness


Great managers produce 70% higher employee engagement and 45% higher profit.