We’re continuing our deep dive into how the human brain perceives and reacts to the workplace, and how you can use this awareness to create an environment that maximizes performance and engagement.

Let’s be clear: this is not soft, fluffy stuff. This is science, and it has a direct impact on your team’s ability to perform and, therefore, on your bottom line.

Before watching today’s video on the “S” in Dr. David Rock’s SCARF model, which stands for status, be sure to watch last week’s two, short introductory videos. Viewing these first is essential. 

Okay, promise you watched the introductory videos? If so, you’re ready to dive into this one. As you watch it, consider the following: How valued do my employees feel? Do they have a strong sense of purpose and impact in their work? Do they feel appreciated and important? What will I do to enhance their sense of status? 


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