I find that in our culture we tend to be very skilled at asking people how we can help them—how we can be of service to their needs or situation. What a wonderful norm! However, I’ve also noticed a common practice of responding to these offers with resistance. Not necessarily direct pushback, but a cordial, “Oh thank you, but I’ll be okay.” 

The offerer of help feels their offer was sufficient and moves on. Meanwhile, the recipient is still drowning and not actually okay. 

What if, in those situations, we helped them anyway—like physically stepped in and provided service in a meaningful way, even when they resist?

I’m your classic resister of help and, as described in the video below, recently experienced a friend pushing through it to meet me right where I needed it. What a gift it was.

May you be that person to your colleagues, neighbors, and loved ones.

The offer is often not enough. Instead, just do it—go be the one who meets them where they’re at and helps carry their load.



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