We may clock in each day to earn a paycheck, but the amount of energy we choose to exert during those work hours is influenced by much more than a salary. One of the biggest drivers of performance and engagement is the ability to know and see the impact of our efforts. 

Let’s test this on your team. Can your employees readily answer the question below? 

“I know how my work influences people (or places, processes, etc.) for the better.” 

And do they frequently hear customer stories that illustrate the impact of their efforts? If not, you have an opportunity to leverage a powerful force that will boost employee motivation and commitment. 

Watch the video to learn from an example of how sharing customer stories dramatically impacted performance and results at a university fundraising call center. Plus, as usual, you’ll hear a personal example from me as well.

P.S. Have you experienced great service recently? If so, tell them! Share your story with the business, the service provider, or their manager. 


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